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Anne Donchin (1930-2014) attended graduate school while raising four children, received her doctorate from the University of Texas in 1970 , taught for 18 years in Texas and New York, then joined the Philosophy Department at IUPUI in 1982. Here she developed a Women’s Studies program, specialized and in numerous ways pioneered in feminist bioethics, and won two prestigious grants. She co-edited two books, published some forty articles, and co-founded and co-ordinated The International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (FAB). Before and after retiring she served on the editorial boards of an encyclopedia, several international bioethics collections and nine prestigious journals. Her publications have influenced many scholars here and abroad. In September 2015 the New York Society for Women in Philosophy dedicated its program to her; and in 2016 she will be similarly honored in Scotland. On 2 December 2015 the Gender Alliance for Development in Tirana, Albania, opened a new library which includes a collection of feminist books and journals donated by and dedicated to Anne Donchin.

Procreation, Power and Personal Autonomy: Feminist Reflections Table of Contents:

Title Page
Editor's Notes
Table of Contents (revised by Laura Purdy)
Introduction: Coming to Terms with My Mother
Chapter 1: The Pronatalist Imperative: Medicine, Money, and Markets
Chapter 2: Policy, Politics in Assisted Reproduction
Chapter 3: Dissenting Voices
Chapter 4: Recasting Reproductive Freedom: Individual, Group, and Global Perspectives
Chapter 5: De-Naturalization Reproduction: Between Facts and Artifacts
Chapter 6: Wild Child: The Meeting of Nature and Culture
Chapter 7: Symbolic Struggles and Personal Identity: Desiring Children
Chapter 8: Family Politics and Personal Autonomy: At the Junction of Biological and Social Connection
Chapter 9: Are Women a Social Group?
Chapter 10: Coming to Terms with Contemporary Scholarship on Sex and Gender: Prospects for Social and Political Action
Selected Bibliography
Appendix A: Anne Donchin's Intended Additional Work on Her Manuscript
Appendix B: Anne Donchin's Planned Table of Contents
Reproductive tourism and the quest for global gender justice" from Bioethics.
Converging Concerns: Feminist Bioethics, Development Theory, and Human Rights" from Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.


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