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    The Landscape of Community Philanthropy
    (2020-08) Paarlberg, Laurie; LePere-Schloop, Megan; Horning, Cherilyn
    Community philanthropic organizations, those organizations like United Ways and community foundations, have traditionally played important roles by raising and distribute resources within a specific geographic place, increasingly play important roles in planning for and funding local public service delivery. Over the last two decades, the field of community philanthropy has experienced many shifts. Changing donor expectations, increased competition from other nonprofits and commercial funds, economic restructuring and demographic shifts have all pushed local United Ways and community foundations to rethink their roles and their business models. These changes also affect relationships between organizations. This report summarizes the roles that United Ways and community foundations play in their local communities, their perceptions of the changes going on in the world around them and their perceptions of their relationships with each other.
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    The Path to Community Leadership
    (2021-01) Paarlberg, Laurie; Walk, Marlene; Horning, Cherilyn
    Since 2005, community foundations across the country have been encouraged to respond to changes in their local communities by taking on new roles—roles that encourage community foundations to be “leaders” on community issues. This project explores the process by which six community foundations moved down the path to community leadership. The community foundations we studied are in three states and range in size from less than $20 million in assets to $400 million in assets. While these organizations are not the largest community foundations in the country, they are well established. Through interviews with organizational leaders, we learned that each path to community leadership is unique and builds upon local resources and capacities.
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    21st -Century Community Foundations
    (2015-06-08) Carson, Emmett
    Community foundations across the United States are actively thinking through how to engage with donors who have local, national, and international interests. This paper examines how different community foundations are responding to changing definitions of community to meet the needs of their donors and their local communities. It posits that the key characteristic of community foundations compared to other donor advised fund providers is their leadership and civic engagement within and outside of their stated geography. I wrote this paper because increasingly, community foundations are wrestling with this definitional issue, which is becoming a fundamental question to their operations. It’s not going away—it shouldn’t go away—and community foundations have a responsibility to explore and debate what can and will happen as a result.
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    The Challenges and Opportunities of Rural Philanthropy in America
    (2009-02-02) Rooney, Patrick
    Focus of research: giving in rural America. Giving by rural and non-rural residents; Giving by high-income rural and non-rural residents; Motivations for and impediments to giving.
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    The Impact of Giving Together: A Snapshot
    (2009) Eikenberry, Angela M.; Bearman, Jessica; Brown, Melissa; Han, Hao; Jensen, Courtney
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    The Impact of Giving Together
    (2009-05) Eikenberry, Angela M.; Bearman, Jessica; Han, Hao; Brown, Melissa; Jensen, Courtney
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    Charitable Giving by Type of Community:Comparing Donation Patterns of Rural and Urban Donors
    (2010) Association of Fundraising Professionals; IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy