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The Faculty Learning Community on Public Scholarship was established in collaboration with the Senior Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs to develop a definition of Public Scholarship to guide faculty development and promotion and tenure at IUPUI. This collection contains the document based outcomes of this FLC's work.


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    Strategies for Developing and Documenting Products of Public Scholarship in Research and Creative Activity
    (IUPUI, 2018-11-28) Wood, E.; Price, M.F.; Stanton-Nichols, K.; Hatcher, J.A.; Hong, Y.B.; Haberski, R; Silverman, R.; Goodlett, C; Palmer, K.
    This document builds on the IUPUI Concept Paper on Public Scholarship and provides a planning and documentation tool to aid faculty in preparing their dossier for promotion and tenure. Candidates can use this document to aid in their planning and gathering of evidence. Primary and unit committees can use this guidance in mentoring junior colleagues. The specific guidance in this document focuses on planning for and documenting their public and community-engaged scholarship as research and creative activity as is adapted from prior work by Jordan (2007).
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    Talking Points on Publicly Engaged Scholarship at IUPUI
    (2018-02-02) Wood, E.; Price, Mary F.; Hatcher, Julie A.; Stanton-Nichols, K.; Haberski, R.; Palmer, Kristi L.; Goodlett, Charles; Hong, Young-bok; Silverman, Ross D.
    Talking Points on Publicly Engaged Scholarship at IUPUI Informed by Public Scholarship at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, a concept paper written by the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Public Scholarship and refined through ongoing FLC work between 2015-18 in collaboration with faculty across the campus and with nationally-recognized scholars.
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    Public Scholarship at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
    (2016-06) Wood, Elizabeth; Hong, Youngbok; Price, Mary F.; Stanton-Nichols, Kathleen; Hatcher, Julie A.; Craig, David M.; Kelly, Jason M.; Silverman, Ross D.; Palmer, Kristi L.
    Community engagement is a defining attribute of the campus, and the current Strategic Plan identifies a number of strategic actions to “Deepen our Commitment to Community Engagement.” In May 2015, A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Public Scholarship was established in May, 2015 to address the campus strategic goals to “recognize and reward contributions to community engagement” and “define community engagement work…in Faculty Annual Reports and promotion and tenure guidelines.” At IUPUI, scholarly work occurs in research and creative activity, teaching, and/or service. In terms of promotion and tenure, faculty members must declare an area of excellence in one of these three domains. The FLC on Public Scholarship is a 3-year initiative co-sponsored by Academic Affairs and the Center for Service and Learning (CSL). Seven faculty members from across campus were selected to be part of the 2015-2016 FLC, and two co-chairs worked closely with CSL staff to plan and facilitate the ongoing work. The FLC is charged with defining public scholarship, identifying criteria to evaluate this type of scholarship, assist faculty in documenting their community-engaged work, and working with department Chairs and Deans in adapting criteria into promotion and tenure materials. The intended audiences for this work includes faculty, community-engaged scholars, public scholars, promotion and tenure committees, external reviewers, and department Chairs and Deans. The following provides background to the campus context and a brief summary of work to date, including definition and proposed criteria to evaluate public scholarship.