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    A Brief Introduction to Women and Philanthropy
    (2012) Women's Philanthropy Institute
    In the past thirty years women’s philanthropy has emerged as a distinct movement using innovative and creative ideas to improve local, national and global communities. Women are engaged in philanthropy from many perspectives – as donors, as professionals, as fundraisers, as nonprofit leaders – in both formal and informal networks. This glossary identifies the kaleidoscope of approaches - audiences, methods, process, and purpose – and celebrates the characteristic common to all approaches within the women’s philanthropic movement – many women working across the globe to improve the lives of others and to make a difference in their communities.
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    A Methodological Comparison of Giving Surveys: Indiana as a Test Case
    (2001-09) Rooney, Patrick M.; Steinberg, Kathryn S.; Schervish, Paul G.
    Every 4 years, the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University conducts a telephone survey (called Indiana Gives) of the giving and volunteering behaviors of Indiana citizens. In preparing to conduct Indiana Gives for 2000, a larger methodological question was asked: How much does survey methodology matter in generating accurate measures of giving and volunteering? In this most recent wave of the Indiana survey, conducted in October and November 2000, eight groups of approximately 100 randomly selected Indiana residents were asked to complete one of eight surveys related to giving and volunteering. It was found that the longer the module and the more detailed its prompts, the more likely a household was to recall making any charitable contribution and the higher the average level of its giving. These differences persisted even after controlling for differences in age, educational attainment, income, household status, race, and gender.